Supporting Parents through
Pregnancy and Birth

Pathways Midwifery is dedicated to providing birthing parents and their families with quality, individualized care, education, and resources throughout their birthing journeys. Pathways chooses to ground the practice in evidence-based care, bodily autonomy, and parental empowerment.


Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, Katrina Nakao is a Certified Professional Midwife and attends home births in DC and Maryland. Additionally, Katrina works as a birth doula and monitrice, providing birth support in DC, Maryland, and beyond.

"Throughout my prenatal care, delivery, and post-natal visits, Katrina provided exceptional care and support. She was thorough, professional and patient. I have full confidence in her ability and professional judgement and would highly recommend her to anyone considering laboring and delivering at home."

--Suzanne S.

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