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The Homebirth Package includes: 

Free consultation

All standard prenatal care: every 4 weeks until 36 weeks, every week until birth

Regular availability from 9am-5pm for questions in non-emergent situations


24 hour availability for emergencies 


Availability by phone call, text, and email

Access to your own personal portal through an Electronic Medical Record system


On-call personal availability from 37 weeks until 42 weeks


Referrals for ultrasounds and genetic testing which will be billed directly to insurance. Client pay discounts are also available through lab partners.


In-home blood draws


Labor and birth support


Birth Pool In a Box Mini if desired


Initial newborn assessment at birth and CCHD screening


Postpartum care (birth until six weeks postpartum)


Standard postpartum visits: 24-48 hours after birth, one week, two weeks, 6 weeks. Other visits available if desired. 


Professional care from a Certified Professional Midwife as well as a qualified second attendant at your birth (no additional fee for birth assistant)

The Homebirth Package costs: 


Payable in installments throughout your pregnancy up to 36 weeks. Preset payment plan options available.

There is an available discount of $500 if the fee is paid in full by 30 weeks of pregnancy. 

This fee does not  include the home birth supply kit, which is typically ordered at about 36 weeks and costs approximately $40. See hyperlink for this listing.

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