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Midwifery and Birth Support Care

Offering evidence-based and compassionate pregnancy and home birth care within 45 minutes of Cheverly, MD, including Northwest DC, Montgomery County, and Prince George's County. 

Water Birth, Natural Birth

Home Birth Midwifery 


Katrina Nakao, CPM, offers expert full-service prenatal care (including referrals for labs and ultrasounds), home birth, and postpartum care. Her midwifery model is focused on evidence-based care, bodily autonomy, and parental empowerment. 


Katrina is based in Cheverly, and attends home births in Hyattsville, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Bethesda, Rockville, and throughout the DC area. Children and partners are welcome to be as involved as you prefer in all aspects of your care. Midwifery care is divided into self-paid payments throughout pregnancy, although Katrina will help you communicate with your insurance company for reimbursement after completion of care.

Cost: $5500. 

Labor Support, Doula, Monitrice

Birth Support 


Birth doula support from Katrina Nakao, CPM, who can be hired as both a birth doula and a monitrice for hospital and home births in DC, NOVA, and Maryland. As a birth doula, she provides continuous support during labor, birth, and the first hour postpartum as well as unlimited phone call, email, and text support during pregnancy. This includes two in-home birth-planning meetings and one in-home postpartum visit during the first week after birth.


As a monitrice, Katrina will provide all of the above as well as monitor vital signs for both you and the baby. This service will not replace your care provider but can provide reassurance and advice about when to transition from home to the hospital in a planned hospital birth. 

Doula Cost: $2000

Monitrice Cost: $2500

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