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Pathways Midwifery is dedicated to providing clients and their families with quality, individualized care, education, and resources throughout their birthing journeys. Pathways chooses to ground the practice in evidence-based care, bodily autonomy, and parental empowerment.

‘"If you are searching for someone who is knowledgeable, reassuring and confident in a woman's natural ability to give birth, I recommend Katrina. I am grateful for Katrina's support and encouragement during our journey." 

--O'Dellshae R.

Katrina grew interested in midwifery due to exposure to the field of birth at an early age: with a mother as an OB/GYN and years of birth stories from her work as a nanny, it’s really no wonder she felt a calling to this field. 


In 2012, Katrina Nakao got her professional start in the birth world as a birth doula for Vanderbilt University Hospital, trained through DONA International. She then attended the National College of Midwifery from 2017-2019. Katrina is thrilled to be working hands-on with women in the community and to be providing evidence-based, supportive midwifery care, the realization of a life-long dream. 


Before becoming a midwife, she studied psychology at Vanderbilt University and life sciences at the University of Maryland. She lives in Silver Spring, and while not midwifing, she enjoys reading, swimming, and seeking out adventures in the greater DMV.

My Training

Certified Professional Midwife

North American Registry of Midwives

National College of Midwifery, 2019

B.A. in Psychology

Vanderbilt University, 2013

Certified Doula

DONA International, 2012

Pathways Midwifery LLC is a Limited Liability Company

Shared Decision Making and Parental Responsibility

Shared Decision Making: Shared decision-making is a process that acknowledges clients' own authority in their health care. It prioritizes clients’ rights to receive complete and accurate information and to make their own decisions. As a midwife, my role is to communicate evidence-based information, engage in an exploration of your respective values, knowledge, and experience, and elicit a preference based on the results.

Midwives are uniquely poised to lead the pregnancy care community in implementing a more meaningful shared decision-making process. As client-centered care is the heart and foundation of midwifery care at Pathways, I work in a therapeutic partnership with my clients and their families to navigate evidence in pregnancy care.

Parental Responsibility: The health and welfare of a child are the ultimate responsibility of their parents.


Pathways Midwifery encourages parents to take responsibility and advocate for the health of their children through education and informed decision making in all aspects of care. Parents should be educated on their options in order to make decisions that are best for their own families.. As a midwife, I understand my role in this and take the responsibility seriously. I endeavor to give you the best starting point for your education on any given topic to empower you to make your best decision.

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  • Homebirth, Homebirth Silver Spring, Homebirth Takoma, Homebirth DC, Homebirth Maryland, home birth,

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